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Petrolhead Tours & Alcon - Brakes & Breakfast meet

B79 7TN | Car Meet

28 . 07 . 2019


Shmeeting @ Cars & Coffee Palm Beach

33401 | Shmeeting

28 . 07 . 2019


Brake Horse Power 2019 - Sunday

CM3 1QP | Car Meet, Car Show, Car Festival

28 . 07 . 2019


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Here at Raduno we believe that information is everything. And when we wanted to find a car event near us one weekend we found that the functionality just didn’t exist, so we decided to make it ourselves! Now we provide a service to our users that is clear, easy to use and looks great. So whether it’s a huge car event at a race circuit, a Porsche meet at the local pub for a bacon sandwich and a chat or a run out into the countryside with the rest of the East Midlands Hillman Imp Owners Club, we’ve got all the events in one place.

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There really is nothing like the car community. From simple get-togethers of like minded individuals, to a group organising 300 supercars for a charity run, you can always guarantee you’ll find someone to chat to at a car event that shares your views – or doesn’t and you can have a good old fashioned debate. Or alternatively just turn up and look at some nice cars, it’s totally up to you. But don’t forget that bacon roll, they’re compulsory… (other breakfast snacks are available)

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2020. Raduno is coming for you. The only place to find every car event quickly and easily - launching soon....
Fantastic day at the last @bicesterheritage Sunday Scramble of the year. Such an amazing venue and an incredible selection of cars on display. Here’s to many more next year! 
Great morning at #frankiesclassiccarfest at Dunton Ford Technical Centre, around 250 Capris showed up and parked on the test track straight. Quite an impressive sight! 
#fordcapri #ford #capri
Lovely selection of cars at the @richtersport_abt_uk Open Day today! #raduno #abt
We love the variety of vehicles you find at some car meets! GT86 and classic American T-Bird sitting pretty... Raduno - your car events hub

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