How it works: Listing events

Here’s how you can list events with us, as an event owner. Your one stop shop for listing car events.

1. Gather your listing info and pictures.

This part is key – you need to get all your information, images and whatever you want to show the world about your event together. The more information you can give people visiting the site the better, from exact location to whether there are toilets, bacon rolls and coffee available.


2. Use our simple web form to upload your details.

We’ve tried to make this part as easy as possible; you just input all your information into our easy to use Event Upload page and hit submit. We can walk you through it via our information videos and FAQ section, but we’ve designed this to be operated by a well-trained chimp, so you’ll be fine.


3. Make a simple payment.

We have a clear pricing structure on our listing page based on the size of your event - but you lucky early adopters can post for free until the end of June 2019. There are deals to be had by getting more events in one lump too – take a look at the FAQs or tariff sheet.


4. Sit back and watch a new audience learn about your event.

Thanks for doing your part – now it’s up to us. We will ensure that your event looks great on the site, while users with be able to use our unique search to find events around them, when they want to do something. Our social media team will help push your events if you want and we will have it in front of more eyes than anyone else.


5. Feel supported.

First off – don’t worry. Our team should be able to help you at any point throughout the upload process, but if you have any problems just get in touch via email and we’ll do our best to help you out. And once it’s live we’re still here if you need anything, except anything ‘for love’. We won’t do that. #meatloaf



6. Create a profile.

COMING SOON - You'll be able to create an account with Raduno and we’ll send you details of events happening around you every week!


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