How it works: Finding events

Here’s how you can find events with us. Your one stop shop for finding car events.

1. Find you’ve got a free day or weekend?

Picture this: you’re sitting down and realise you have nothing to do on Saturday. You love cars, your car is running well and looking fresh and you want to show it off and see other cars, or you just want to see lots of nice cars. Well, Raduno has got your back.


2. Put in your location and date.

Front page of the site – boom, there it is. Tell us where you are (or where you want to be), the date you’re looking for and hit Go. It really is as simple as that. So simple you wonder why nobody thought of it before, which is exactly what we thought!


3. See what events are happening around you and filter results.

Once you hit Go, you’ll be presented with all the events happening around you on the date you selected, while you can view in List or Map format. You can also at this point change some of the filters to choose a bigger radius, type of event or choose a particular marque.


4. Find out more about your chosen event.

Once you’ve seen an event you like the look of, just click away and you’ll be taken to the event page where all of their information will be displayed. This could be photos, details of the location, contact information, what facilities are available and much more.


5. Share it with your friends, and the car community.

Once you’ve decided you’re going to an event, you can share your choice of event with your friends on social media by using one of the Share buttons – but don’t forget to Tag Raduno!


6. Create a profile.

COMING SOON - You'll be able to create an account with Raduno and we’ll send you details of events happening around you every week!


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